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On the place of work

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The place of work shapes our lives, by its presence as well as its absence

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On youth and the future

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If the future is so bright, why does it feel we’re in a fog when it comes to employment opportunities?

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Older workers have fallen behind in the boom

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Not everyone is benefiting from the province’s strong economy. Here are a few things to consider as we ask why middle-aged workers, particularly those outside the capital region, are being left behind.

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The system does need reforms – but not necessarily the ones proposed. Those on both sides need to start thinking sensibly, not just ideologically.

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Province’s unemployment rate increases

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VOCM is reporting that, according to Statistics Canada, employment declined by 3,400 in Newfoundland and Labrador in August, but employment was up slightly from 12 months earlier (+0.7%). As more people searched for work in August, the unemployment rate increased by 1.8 percentage points to 13.7%. In the capital city the unemployment rate dropped half a point to 6.5 per cent in August. Source: VOCM

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The sun shines but briefly

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A legacy fund could secure the future of this province. Why haven’t oil revenues been used to set one up already?

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