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Why Employment Insurance is an election issue

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A strong EI program is vital to strengthen our economy and our communities

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Of beer and bravery

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A toast: not to the strike being over, but to what it accomplished

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Wild, wild cats

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Time for Vale to stop flexing its muscles, and start fixing its problems

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Protesters call for Corner Brook Mayor’s resignation

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But what about the union leaders? This week, after tense negotiations, the union representing Corner Brook’s firefighters and the city itself came to an agreement giving the firefighters a 16 per cent wage increase… only to fire 4 firefighters the next day. Corner Brook Mayor Neville Greeley insists that throughout the bargaining process the union would not entertain any negotiations outside of pay increases – despite the fact he made it clear the city could not afford to keep staffing levels where they were if significant pay increases were awarded. The CBC reports about 60 people attended Thursday afternoon’s rally calling for Greeley’s resignation, held just a day after council announced the cuts. With Greeley maintaining that the union was told job cuts would be necessary to cover the negotiated raise, shouldn’t at least half of the anger in this case be directed at union officials – who appear to…

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Case for amalgamation ‘weak’ – report

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A consultant’s report commissioned by the City of St. John’s is suggesting that the case for amalgamating the Northeast Avalon isn’t strong. “The report does not present a compelling case for amalgamation and may in fact offer reinforcement to opponents of amalgamation,” wrote Robert Smart in a memo obtained by the CBC. Smart said the report found amalgamation would likely decrease taxes for St. John’s residents but increase taxes in Mount Pearl and Paradise. Source: CBC

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Open Marystown fish plant: NDP leader

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NDP Leader Lorraine Michael unveiled the NDP party’s fisheries policy yesterday, which includes wanting the provincial government to help reopen a fish plant that has been idled amid a dispute over exported raw product. Workers from the OCI plant in Marystown who travelled to St. John’s liked what Michael had to say. Despite the party’s support for a rationalization program — which would have seen drastic cuts in shrimp and crab processing capacity —the NDP now also wants action taken to protect the groundfish operation in Marystown. Source: CBC

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