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Is the Canadian-American window a myth?

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It was in the early hours of the morning that I finally went to sleep, but not before witnessing the election result that would bring in the current U.S. president. I messaged the words ‘are you okay?’ to my friend Rose in the U.S., who had as it turned out gone to sleep early. For them it would be a very different morning. For me it already was. From the second my friend had read the message they understood what had happened. While this was not the good news they had hoped for they thanked me nonetheless because it had been the gentlest way of finding out how the election had gone. Or at least a gentler way than turning on the cacophony of reports on TV. For so many of my fellow Canadians the events and conditions—both social and political—in the United States seem overwhelming. Our neighbors have always…

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Why is the United States always fighting a war somewhere?

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Why is the United States always fighting a war somewhere? Could it be because war is profitable? Harper’s magazine, in its June issue, reports on a panel of former soldiers that it convened at the U.S. Military Academy at Westpoint, New York. They were all veterans of wars waged by the U.S. over the past 30 years, mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan, or stationed in some of the nearly 800 military bases the U.S. maintains in more than 70 countries and territories around the world. These veterans were asked to explain why their country has been engaged in so many armed conflicts, and why, in none of them since World War II, has the outcome resulted in a decisive victory. And this despite the U.S. having the world’s best-trained and best-equipped armed forces. The war in Afghanistan has now dragged on for 17 years, under Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton,…

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A Pittance of Time

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Terry Kelly is helping make the Canadian Embassy’s Remembrance Day ceremonies unforgettable.

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Fortis expanding into the United States

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St. John’s-based Fortis Inc. is acquiring a Vermont-based integrated electric utility company for US$700 million, giving the Newfoundland-based company its first entry into the U.S. regulated power industry. “CVPS is a well-run utility whose operations are very similar to those of our Canadian regulated utilities, allowing us to use our collective competencies to further enhance service to customers and returns to our shareholders,” said Fortis president and CEO Stan Marshall. Fortis already owns Newfoundland Power as well as other utilities in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and P.E.I.

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