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Bell Island’s “Watergate” is a human rights Issue

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“A mistake which took place during the sale of an adjacent property cannot jeopardize the realization of the community’s right to water and turn back the clock on years of local lobbying.”

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Learning from “leadgate”

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Memorial University’s decision to close when faced with the possibility of lead in its drinking water was entirely sound. Now that the immediate risks have been addressed, what can MUN officials and the rest of us learn from the apparent crisis?

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Water at stake?

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If we accept that water is a basic human right, why do we allow our governments to give it away while neglecting to provide drinkable water to people and communities across the province and country?

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Whose water is it, anyway? (Part 1)

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We have exploited our freshwater supply in the name of industrial and resource development for more than a century, but are we moving toward relinquishing control over *how* and *why* we use our most valuable resource? Part 1 of ‘Whose water is it, anyway?’

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Water they waiting for?

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How Canadian mining companies are profiting from environmental and human rights abuses in water-poor countries, and with the help of the Canadian government.

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Henry Rollins and ‘The Long March’

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The Indy goes on-one-one with the popular American spoken word artist in anticipation of his ‘Long March’ tour stops in St. John’s and Corner Brook this week.

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Icebergs can be towed to supply water to drought areas?

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“More than two billion people in the world live without access to clean drinking water, and recent droughts in Africa have left 12 million people without water. To aid them, French eco-entrepreneur Georges Mougin plans to harvest icebergs across the world to solve the water shortage.” Take a look at the interesting idea presented by the IBTimes (including an entertaining video) by clicking here. Source: IBTimes

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