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What Does it Mean to Take Women’s Leadership Seriously?

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Women are being asked to “Lean in,” to work harder, faster, stronger, smarter, to work a “Double-Shift,” to improve themselves so that they have “what it takes” to compete with men. What all of this advice misses is that women have been doing these things, and more, for a very long time. Women are not the problem when it comes to their absence from politics, from boards and commissions, and from holding the reigns of Fortune 500 Companies. Women show up. Prepared. They already are working harder, faster, stronger, and smarter. The problem is that they get blocked at the door, in the hallways, they don’t get offered a seat at the table, they face glass ceilings and they face glass cliffs. None of these are things that can be fixed by being talked at by men who have helpful “tips and tricks” on how to get along well with…

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Time to discuss ideas, not barriers: Women in St. John’s election

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Candidates say while they face gender-based barriers to running for public office, during election campaigns isn’t the time to focus on that. They want to talk ideas.

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Filibusters aren’t the problem for women in politics

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Minister Gerry Byrne’s recent comment that the filibuster served as a deterrent for women entering politics told only part of the story.

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Reflecting on Virginia Waters

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Celebrating glimpses of parity

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Women being shut out of provincial election?

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So far all three parties are seeing significantly lower numbers of women candidates coming forward for the October provincial election

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