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Muskrat Falls and the Tip of the Iceberg

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Last Thursday night, instead of attending a letter writing campaign at the LSPU Hall where dozens of local artists had assembled to write to government policy makers, begging for an increase in funding for our provincial arts council, I was on Springdale Street replacing a set of leaky kitchen taps in a rental property. The owner was a nice Scottish man who works in the oil industry. He complained about the lost equity in the house. He’s working in Azerbaijan now, but has fallen in love with a Newfoundland woman. He bemoaned the lack of work here, while I was under his sink. He said most oil companies would never build another major project in Newfoundland, after what went on with Hebron. He said the Koreans were much cheaper and better organized. “I worked on that project,” I said. “What a shit show.” We went on to discuss the rampant…

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Labour Day is a battle cry

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When your employer wishes you Happy Labour Day, tell them to put their money where their mouth is.

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On the place of work

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The place of work shapes our lives, by its presence as well as its absence

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Working for the weekend

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What do we do when our work ceases to be a motivational factor in our lives?

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