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In this second spotlight on the community of Labrador West, reporter Leila Beaudoin digs deeper into the region’s human resource problem.

Despite Labrador West’s giant financial contributions to the provincial economy, people are suffering: from young families with inadequate child care resources to Labrador West’s oldest residents, who are being forced to leave their homes in the wake of a systemic elder care crisis.

The Independent speaks with Angela Hardy, whose mother Cheryl faces being uprooted from her home—separated from her husband and community—while she battles Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Leila Beaudoin is a Tunisian-Newfoundlander who grew up on the Northern Peninsula. An award-winning journalist, Beaudoin’s reporting experience spans two national broadcasters, both CTV and CBC, and extends to the 'other-side' in Communications. She holds a B.A. in English from Memorial University and a Journalism degree from the University of Regina. Beaudoin uses her platform to create space.