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In this video-first for The Independent, Leila Beaudoin is on the ground in Labrador West where frustrated families call for action. Voices say without a childcare access plan, the boom town is in trouble.

We speak with 33-year-old mother, Shilo Lee Mcgrath, a mining operator at the Iron Ore Company of Canada who has been looking for reliable and steady childcare since 2017. We also speak with Labrador West MHA Jordan Brown about broader social and economic needs in the region, advocate Gillian Pearson about the value (and necessity) of accessible childcare, and Minister of Education Tom Osborne about the measures in place to address the issue.

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Leila Beaudoin is a Tunisian-Newfoundlander who grew up on the Northern Peninsula. An award-winning journalist, Beaudoin’s reporting experience spans two national broadcasters, both CTV and CBC, and extends to the 'other-side' in Communications. She holds a B.A. in English from Memorial University and a Journalism degree from the University of Regina. Beaudoin uses her platform to create space.