The longer the destruction and devastation of Muskrat Falls and the mighty River continues, the more difficult the reversal of the damage. The damage is just not to the immediate area in Central Labrador — that is bad enough. The damage will not be just to a few smelts and trout, and a few songbirds — that’s bad enough too.

The damage will be far and wide, extending through the waters, extending through the air, extending through the earth. The damage will be global.

We as Earthkeepers have to be vigilant against this devastation and trickery. We have to stop believing that the way to make a living is through mega projects. Our survival depends on what we do to ensure a safe and wholesome environment, not just for us as humans but for wildlife, plants, fishes and birds that have not only sustained generations but could sustain us for generations to come.

What a gift we were given and what a gift we are letting slide through our fingers for $$$. When there is nothing to spend $$$ on, what direction do we take?

We cannot eat cash or debit and credit cards.

Shirley Flowers (Rigolet, Labrador)

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