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The Independent’s mission is to produce progressive journalism that informs and empowers its audience.

We’re looking for stories that dig deeper than what you’ll find churned out from the content mines. We’re searching for the untold stories off the click-beaten path. We’re hungry for thoughtful challenges to conventional wisdom, not warmed-over contrarian hot takes. We want reporting that captures the real stakes of real life in Newfoundland and Labrador, warts and all, with a focus on solutions—not just problems. And if we can have fun with it, all the better.

Emerging writers are very welcome, as are all old hands. We are especially interested in hearing about what’s going on outside St. John’s.

Most of all, we want insight, courage, wit, and real passion for this wonderful and maddening province. We want work that helps us better understand each other—work that helps make Newfoundland and Labrador a better place to live.

So if any of this lights a fire in you: pitch us!

Pitch Guidelines

We want to know: what story do you want to tell? How are you going to tell it? And why should you be the person who does?

The more concise, the better. Try to hook us on your idea in 10 sentences or less. Do not send completed pieces prior to the approval of your pitch.

Ideal length for written submissions is 750-1500 words, but longer pieces can be negotiated. If you submit anything longer than 1500 words without prior approval, we will not read it.

When you’re ready, send an email to [email protected]


We are a small, community-powered publication funded entirely through pay-what-you-can donations. Our rates reflect our size, and they will grow as we grow. We pay our contributors through e-transfer on receipt of invoice.

  • Opinion/Analysis: $50
  • Reported Piece (1500 words or less): $100
  • Longform (2000 words or more): $0.10/word, up to 4000 (max. $400)
  • Art/Illustration: $25
  • Photos: $10/published photo