In support of Labrador independence too

“Labrador has its own identity, independent of the island. I now fully understand and support the idea of two equal parts…”

Good day.

I’m definitely a Newfoundland Nationalist, a stereotypical
anti-Confederate. I spent long, unhappy years on the Canadian mainland
and I’m convinced the federation is simply too large, divided, and
dysfunctional to survive in the long run. I long to see Newfoundland
and Labrador independent.

I have the pink, white and green tattooed on my entire left forearm
(because that’s the side associated with the heart). I just wanted to
say that Brandon Pardy’s Jan. 20 column “How Labrador got its colours”
has changed my understanding of our province.

Historically, I think Labrador really was a dependency of Newfoundland.
As I understand it, non-First Nations living there considered themselves
Newfoundlanders, and all of that. But the facts on the ground have
changed. Labrador’s European and Metis people see themselves as
Labradorian. And its other First Nations peoples have always been
independent of the island of Newfoundland. Simply put, Labrador has its
own identity, independent of the island. I now fully understand and
support the idea of two equal parts, Newfoundland and Labrador.

I hope, when and if we become independent, both flags are official and
always displayed together at equal height. It’d just be one other
beautiful, curious little unique aspect of Newfoundland and Labrador –
like our time zone and everything else. They even look cute together!

Just a fantastic column – and bravo to you all for adding both flags to
the masthead.


Ryan Crocker (St. John’s)

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