Dear sir,

Our daughter is a frequent visitor to your beautiful island so we are already aware of a degree of dissatisfaction with the relationship between the Island and Canada. We notice on your website the review of the book detailing the discord.

It strikes us that it is the intent of Newfoundlanders to be strong supporters of the status quo regarding the Falkland Islands, which is a similar situation. We can well accept that the British pushed Newfoundland into Canada without listening to the wishes of inhabitants as theirs have tried to do the same with the Falkland Islanders and Argentina.

When the United Nations was founded they drew up a list of colonial territories and called for their independence on the basis of the wishes of the inhabitants being paramount. Illogically, this excluded colonial territories in Russia and China (which had not then conquered Tibet) but did include the Falkland Islands where the wishes of the inhabitants have always been respected, so far. The embrace of Canada must be less onerous than the embrace of Argentina but the point is that the wishes of the inhabitants be respected.

So it is in the interest of Newfoundland to stand for the principle of the wishes of the inhabitants being paramount so that if a majority of Newfoundlanders were to wish to re-establish their independence, less opposition would be likely.

Yours Sincerely,

Rowland and Michele Kennard (Hardelot, France)