Liberal Math

“You can borrow my calculator if need be It certainly won’t show you 2 + 2 equals 3.”

Now tell me b’ys, does 2 + 2 equal 4?
Surely Cathy Bennett doesn’t think so anymore.

That Liberal math is awfully funny
Especially when it comes to taking our money.

They tell us 300 is what the poor must pay
But isn’t that a pile of bull I say.

When someone who makes 10 times me
only pays 300 bucks times 3.

Now Cathy maid, what are ya at?
You must know better than that!

Did you learn percentages when you were in school?
Goodness knows it’s a simple math tool.

If you bring home 200,000 dollars a year
That’s a lot of dough, isn’t it my dear?

But the folks who make less than 25k
haven’t got a prayer with the Liberal way.

What were you thinking? No one knows
But this levy will cause many woes.

How can you justify such a marginal gap?
This gross unfairness falls right in your lap.

All Newfoundlanders no matter what they make
Can see the levy has taken the cake.

Your hands dig deep into the pockets of our pants
But how about we give you a second chance?

You can borrow my calculator if need be
It certainly won’t show you 2 + 2 equals 3.

I’m here to help if you need a hand
Fractions and division are easy to understand.

And if you still can’t figure out what to do
We’ll all chip in to buy a book bag for you.

That way you can head back to school
to learn basic math, and also the Golden Rule.

Now there’s one last thing I want to share
After all, in this political farce, fair is fair.

Treat us like dumb sheep but sheep we are not
Because when it’s time to vote again, we’ll fire the lot!

Lisa Butler / Gander

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