Dear St. John’s,

On Thursday, Nov. 26, Ron Hynes was scheduled to perform at The Ship Pub. In his stead, the musicians of St. John’s are coming together to fulfill that obligation.

For us, this is a memorial. We are gathering in the place where most of us spent time with Ron and where many of us began the path to music.

Everyone is welcome. Music begins at around 8:00pm and will carry forth. There is no seating, and no ticket price. Donations will be graciously accepted on behalf of the family.

Please understand this is not an official tribute. You can count on us for an official tribute at a later date.

For now, this is a memorial. We invite you to come remember the Man of a Thousand Songs, and ask you to please make room for others when you join us on Thursday.

With Gratitude,

Musicians of St. John’s

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