I am a provincial employee. 
I am recently separated and trying to find my footing. 
My son has a disability.

Last winter, I paid $500 a month in electric heating costs. The one saving grace to my budget was lower gas prices. 

I’ve watched our local arts and small business community come under attack from City Hall.

On Thursday I learned that the provincial government thinks I, personally, am responsible for our debt. And that I, personally, should proportionally pay more into that debt than people who make twice, three times, four times as much as me.

I’ve been instructed to be silent about openly criticizing the provincial government. While it comes from all sides — provincial, municipal.

And I’m already reading conciliatory, “Well, I guess it could have been worse…” and “Yeah, but there’s nothing we can do…”

Once upon a time, Newfoundlanders were known to fight for something. I am mad. This is not right. We need to do something.

If you would like to share your story about how the provincial government’s austerity budget will affect you and/or your family, send your letter to [email protected]

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