Members of the House of Assembly,

Thousands have put their trust and their hopes in each of you. The time has come for this trust and this hope to come to bear, as your electorate needs you. I write this open letter not to criticize but to improve understanding with the hope of inspiring true leadership among you. This is a lofty goal for a man of little consequence like myself, but we miss every shot we fail to take. Further, I am a father; I must do whatever I can to see my daugher raised in a world better than mine.

A world better than our own. This is the basis of forward-thinking. Of progress. Of evolution. We must always strive to improve. Unfortunately, this is not presently the case, whether we realize it or not. No matter which party colors we wear, we are all supposed to be working together to improve Newfoundland and Labrador. Why is it then, that we see our MHAs at each other’s throats at every turn? Why must we undermine one another, rather than support one another? When did popularity trump prosperity?

This is a fundamental flaw in our system. You have ‘no choice’ but to throw their chips in with one of the large parties if they wish to win a seat and have any sway in the House of Assembly. In turn, you may feel obligated to ‘tow the party line’ when issues arise. Is it possible that your loyalty – whether intentional or not – is for your party, rather than the electorate who ‘hired’ you? I urge you to really pause and consider this. What motivates you? We understand re-election is a fine goal, but it makes an awful motivation. So what drives you? Why did you become a politician in the first place?

Your actions must speak louder than your words! You have a responsibility to the thousands who elected you to represent them, and they are currently crying out loud and clear that this budget is not in their best interests.

Yes, I am urging all of you to speak against the budget, but even more importantly I’m begging all of you to speak about the budget! Work on this together, with the best interests of the people you represent as your driver. Livelihoods, careers, the environment, even lives are on the line here; now is not the time to let popularity or credit blind us to the important work to be done!


Shane Snook ~Wandering White Wolf  /  Flat Bay