Dear Mr. Lane,

I am not a constituent of your district. My vote did not put you in office, nor will it keep you there. Be that as it may I felt it necessary to tell you how very proud I am and how proud the members of your district should be at the decision you made Wednesday in the House of Assembly. Your vote against the levy and your announcement to vote against your own party’s budget is admirable. I applaud you.

I want to let you know that although you may be on shaky ground with your party, I support you. There is a movement underway in this province and your decisions Wednesday have stoked the flames and given the movement courage and hope. I am a member of a grassroots movement that has been heavily involved with protests and campaigning against the ignorance and ineptitude that is this Liberal government. We support you, Mr. Lane. I would also go so far as to say the majority of this province supports you.

To the other Liberal MHAs I say this: Follow Mr. Lane’s lead and do what it is that your constituents are so publicly and vehemently telling you. Do not vote for this budget. MHAs who vote “No” will likewise have the support of the people behind them and come next election, whether that is sooner or later, you will be glad you “sided with the people” rather than an ineffectual and asinine party.

Take care Mr. Lane, and keep on leading by example.

Rick Stanley /  St. John’s