I certainly agree with Douglas Ballam’s comment (“Bike debate reveals lack of respect for East Coast Trail Association” – 22 July 2014) that everyone involved needs “to step back and let things cool off.” I was an East Coast Trail Association volunteer for many hundreds of hours and I also happen to ride a mountain bike. I don’t necessarily see that as a conflict.

I don’t have a clear opinion on whether or not bike use should be promoted on the trail. “Allowing” them on the trail is a foolish discussion to have, because there is no practical way to enforce any ban of bikes.

I don’t expect the East Coast Trail to be over-run with a multitude of mountain bikes. If that were likely to happen, then it would have happened years ago. Realistically, one ATV could do more damage than all the mountain bikes that have ever been on the trail. People need to step back and cool off.

Dave Hammond (St. John’s)