The selfishness of thieves

The question on everyone’s minds is – why do they do it?

Don’t they realize it’s hurting all of us? Making off with their ill-begotten gains? Just because they’re able to?

How does their conscience let them get away with it?

Do they do it just for a bit of fun? Because they’re young and they think the world is theirs to do with what they will?

Of course, I see the temptation. We’re all hard up these days. Cost of living is through the roof, it’s impossible to get a nice affordable place to rent any more, and the electricity costs…don’t get me started.

Yes, we’re hard up, but that’s no reason to just turn your back on your neighbours and line your own nest.

It’s downright anti-social. We live in a society, and when any one of us decides we’re going to simply put our own needs above everyone else’s, and not pay any attention to how our actions affect and hurt the rest of us, well that just doesn’t work.

Just because you can do it, is no excuse.

But like I said, I see the temptation. If the opportunity provided itself to me to line my own pockets with a bit of cash, and I thought I could get away with it, maybe I would too.

If I knew there was no one watching me, ready to hold me to account for my actions.

After all, why shouldn’t I? Why should I be the only one abiding by social norms, doing respectable work – productive work, work that harms no one – and struggle to pay my rent and put food on my table?

Why is it the honest, decent, law-abiding ones who always wind up suffering, while the ones who aren’t afraid to take advantage of the opportunity for a quick few bucks, when it presents itself, always seem to get off scot-free?

I know, those responsible probably don’t see anything wrong with it. They figure ‘Well if I can, I don’t see why I shouldn’t, gotta look out for number one, myself, and so what if it put a dent in the budget of the city or the province or whoever it is that I’m harming. After all, look at how many other people are doing the same thing!’

That’s the sort of selfish thinking behind it. And not even the poor cops seem to be able to do anything about it.

I just don’t get it. No sirree.

Nope…how those Nalcor management and contractors get away with giving themselves those giant six-figure salaries for ruining our provincial economy and making life so hard for the average Newfoundlander and Labradorian, I’ll never understand.

What? You thought this was about parking meters? Sheesh, who cares about some broken parking meters when there’s highway robbery to the tune of billions going on?

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