“I need The Independent because I need media which critiques the big grocery supermarkets and the virtual monopoly freedom we have given them, re our diets, and the distribution of urban shopping options. I need media which offers perspectives and data on green energy, ecology, farming, and public transport – just for starters. I need media which thinks outside the box of partisan politics. I need to hear from communities and regions well beyond the old overpass. I need to know what the Occupy crowd are up to, and the Idle no More movement, and the art crowd. Also I look for quality photography. So, everyone, GoIndy2015, join the Facebook page and send them a donation – like I did.”
Joan Scott

#GoIndy2015 is a collective effort to create vision for independent media in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2015 and to generate financial support to make that vision a reality.

From January 15 to February 1, The Independent is opening its pages to you- the citizens, activists, workers, students, artists, elders and children of Newfoundland and Labrador- to share a #GoIndy2015 message.

Create and share your #GoIndy2015 message today:#GoIndy2015 homepage