Hello readers! I hope you’re all enjoying week two of the new Indy. I know I am.

A funny thing happened in the mix of the whole Indy launch week…I got married somewhere in there. Saturday, to be precise. This wasn’t something I was going to blog about, though my name change may have given it away. But Heidi Wicks, our TV on DVD reviewer, changed my mind. “What a story!” she exclaimed, upon realizing last week that the wedding was actually not a week or two away, but happening within days.

While there’s not much of a big story (that you might be interested in) in telling you what it was like to be a part of two major life events in one week (awesome, overwhelming, thrilling, scary, etc.) I CAN tell you two things:

1. Gavin Simms deserves a huge thanks for stepping up and captaining this ship for a few days while I was off. Thank you Gavin! Thanks to Kieran Hanley for the hard work he put in those days as well. Now that I’m back today, I’m realizing how seamlessly they kept things rolling. Thank you both, along with the rest of our contributing team.

2. Because I was off most of Friday and Monday, I got the strange chance to be part of the audience instead of being in the editor’s chair. And, it was great to randomly go online and see what this site looks like when you DON’T know exactly what’s coming. I hope we’re delivering a product that satisfies you all as much as it satisfies us, and if you ever have any suggestions, do get in touch. The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been very valuable.

That’s all for now — more things to blog about coming soon…