BLOG: A Friday treat

The Independent’s sister paper – The Newfoundland Free Press – launches today.

Seeing as it’s Friday and it’s not raining out (yet), it may be time to let loose a bit and start enjoying the weekend. Well, has just the fix for you: The Newfoundland Free Press.

One critical element of the Newfoundlander makeup is that we tend to have a strong sense of humour; though strives to embrace all of what makes Newfoundlanders Newfoundlanders, our site just isn’t the appropriate place for a steady stream of laughs and chuckles. But over the past couple of months we have been meeting with a team of web developers that had only one thing on the mind – satire – and they wanted to partner with us as our ‘sister’ paper.

And so on this Friday morning I present to you the newest member of The Independent family: The Newfoundland Free Press. The NFP is Newfoundland’s very own ONION, though its creators will insist that The Onion was in no way an influence on their work. In fact, according to its own records, the NFP claims it was founded by Sir Humphrey Gilbert.

“The Newfoundland Free Press was founded on August 5th, 1583, the day Sir Humphrey Gilbert claimed the island of Newfoundland for the British Crown. Although historical records are sketchy at best, it is believed after planting the flag Gilbert said “Nowe that wee haveth founded the first overseas colony ofeth her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, so shall we foundeth the first informative, unbiased, weekly collection of papers regarding the news.” And with that, the NFP was born.”

The absurdity of that statement should give you a good indication of what you will find on the NFP. I will make a strong disclaimer about this site: nothing on it is intended to be taken seriously. The NFP is produced by amateur writers who were looking for an outlet on the web for their outlandish creative endeavors. If you don’t have a funny bone, this site isn’t for you. But if you do enjoy a good spoof, or even want to contribute to the debauchery, this site IS for you.

And so without further adieu, click here to see The Newfoundland Free Press (

The NFP is just the beginning of the growing INDY family. As the Summer here in Newfoundland comes to end (isn’t it just starting?) you will start to see a number of important additions to our network that we feel will expand and greatly improve on your experience here.

World domination on the horizon.

Happy Friday.

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