Well, it’s official Newfoundland & Labrador (and beyond!): TheIndependent.ca is live!

Some of you may have heard rumblings about us over the last year and a half, some of you may have just learned of our existence right before you read this. Either way, the rumours were true…we’ve been developing this project for you for many moons.

Allow me to introduce myself to you…I’m Emilie Bourque, pleased to meet you. I’ve been on board with this project as editor since the summer of 2009, and I can honestly say I am amazed at how many talented folks we’ve picked up along the way since then.

On our staff we have myself, Gavin Simms, Kieran Hanley, Stephanie Porter and Kerri Breen. Steph is back part-time in this reincarnation as columns editor. Kerri is our fresh part-time reporter. The full-timers with me are Gavin as our news editor/reporter/photographer and Kieran as our business manager. Also thrown in the mix there somewhere is photographer Ian Vardy who shoots for us amongst his many projects. These 5 co-workers are perhaps the best I’ve ever had…and there’s no end to the skill and inspiration that just keeps pouring out of each of them.

And then there are our contributors. From columnists to reporters to illustrators, I feel so lucky to be working with some of the brightest people in our province and country. Over 30 of them have been working tirelessly with us to plan out a website and content that would really be something you could all sink your teeth into and enjoy. Here’s hoping you get the juicy-steak effect we’re after. Or at least a moist-cupcake effect for now. 😉

Nope, I haven’t forgotten the hard-working pair that actually built the thing we’re all looking at. Don-E Coady of Dc Design House and his programmer James Kelly have really pulled out all the stops to make this happen. And wouldn’t you all agree this is a beautiful site? It’s a joy to house content here — thank you muchly to both of you for the extra efforts that went into this at the eleventh hour.

To our publishers — Brian Dobbin and Kaline Kennard — thank you for taking a chance on us, giving us the tools to get where we are today and guiding us all in the right direction. We will not let you down!

And last, but not least…in fact, most importantly, thank YOU, dear readers. Thank you for taking the time to read my rant, check out our new project and open your heart back up to the ol’ Indy.

We have so much in store for you…and can’t wait to deliver it all right here.