Finding the most interesting people in Newfoundland

Martin tells more about his TMIPIN series, and asks for interviewee suggestions

I started doing interviews for The Most Interesting People In Newfoundland series back in the fall, partly as an excuse to take a drive off the Avalon, partly to justify the purchase of a new camera to myself — but also because it seemed like something that should be done.

I had tried to explain this place to people at home (I’m from downeast Maine, which is, of course, downwest of here), but I found that I didn’t really understand it. Sure, I could talk about the fishery, the oil money and the rum — but taken together all those stories sounded like a bad caricature of the place, all chin and eyebrows.

The idea behind The Most Interesting People In Newfoundland was that maybe, by talking to people, I could fill in some of the gaps — that I might be able to get a better sense of the place by talking to interesting individuals around the province. Not just politicians and businessmen, and not just old-time hand-liners — but the people who hold wide respect in their communities.

For me, one of the things that adds credibility to the project is that I’m not the one doing the choosing. Individuals I talk to are almost exclusively recommended by someone else — which means that it’s not me saying who gets to stand as a representative Newfoundlander, you are.

So: I have time to take at least one trip out past the overpass in the next few weeks. Where should I go? Who should I talk to? If you had to choose an individual (or a few) to share a little bit of Newfoundland with the world, who would you choose?

Send suggestions, comments, accolades and abuse to [email protected].

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