Saying that the sensational displays of protest against the seal hunt had to be countered by sensational displays of support, Cape Breton fiddler Ashley MacIsaac challenged animal rights activists in Windsor, Ont., on Friday. On Friday, two members of PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, dressed up in skimpy police women costumes and handed out fake tickets to people wearing clothes made from fur, leather, wool or exotic animal skins…. then MacIsaac showed up unannounced wearing a fur coat and a pink hand-lettered sign, and said many people don’t understand what it is like to make a living on the ice. He said he is in favour of the ethical treatment of animals, but that he supports hunting, and backs the seal hunt. “It is a welcome sight to see someone recognize how we earn our living and are not afraid to say so. It is part of our history and part of our culture,” said Frank Pinhorn, executive director of the Canadian Sealers Association. “In Newfoundland and Labrador, we have been harvesting seals for 500 years, along with the cod. It is the reason we have settlements here in the first place.”

Source: Globe and Mail