On Tuesday CBC Radio’s Labrador Morning host Tony Dawson interviewed Independent Columns Editor Hans Rollmann about his article “Owning up to a Big problem”, which was published on TheIndependent.ca last week.

In the article, Rollmann argues Premier Kathy Dunderdale’s recent controversial comment that the province owns Labrador reflects a longstanding colonial attitude toward, and treatment of, the Big Land by the island’s political elite. The column went viral and resonated with many from both Labrador and the island.

“When the premier said that Newfoundland owns Labrador, the premier was speaking about international law, the history and the legal background and the various decisions that went on under international law from the 1800s to the 1927 decision – and that’s all very true. But, the fact is, in this day and age you simply can’t say that you own somebody,” Rollmann told Dawson in the interview. “If the people of Labrador decided that they wanted regional autonomy, decided they wanted to become independent or their own province, Newfoundland wouldn’t have a moral leg to stand on.”

Click here to listen to the entire CBC interview (running time, 8:28).

Click here to read Hans Rollmann’s article, “Owning up to a Big problem”.