CBC is reporting that Emera CEO Chris Huskilson has said that the Muskrat Falls deal with our province doesn’t mean the Nova Scotia-based energy company isn’t interested in power from Quebec. Huskilson says that moving ahead with the Lower Churchill wasn’t a rejection of Quebec, rather that the deal “was the simplest arrangement we could do that could get done and could make a huge difference to the Nova Scotia circumstance.” Muskrat Falls will help Nova Scotia achieve its target of getting 40 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and is expected to supply that province with about eight to 10 per cent of its total energy needs. “Quebec will be part of the solution … I think in the long-term,” Huskilson said. “But we have to do all the things necessary to make that possible.” He was referring to the amount of work required to upgrade transmission capacity through Quebec.

Source: CBC