Politicians across the country say that the federal Conservative government has crossed a dangerous line by meddling in provincial elections. In recent weeks members and even Ministers of the federal government have directly taken on provincial politicians – violating the unwritten rule to respect federal/provincial political barriers. Last week federal Finance minister Jim Flaherty was quoted saying that Ontario “can’t afford four more years of the same Dalton McGuinty government.” Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz on the NDP’s majority win this week in Manitoba: “I prefer to work with the farmers of Manitoba than an NDP government that has gone past its best-before date.” And in PEI, the Chronicle Herald is reporting accusations of a setup against Robert Ghiz’s Liberal party during that election. Read more at the Chronicle Herald via the link below. Has there been any instances of federal interference in Newfoundland and Labrador? Or did the PCs here just not need the help? Either way, Labrador MP Peter Penashue who is the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs – the federal department responsible for federal/provincial relations – may have a rocky road ahead of him.

Source: The Chronicle Herald