With the MV Captain Earl W. Winsor ferry being taken out of service Saturday morning for a scheduled refit, Fogo residents are steaming that the Winsor has been replaced by the MV Beaumont Hamel. Protestors aren’t satisfied with the Beaumont Hamel because they say it isn’t big enough to accommodate the traffic travelling to and from Fogo Island and Change Islands. “We’re trying to get our point across to government because they told us that there would be two ferries left in service before the Winsor left here. But the government sent the Beaumont Hamel only,” said protest organizer Maureen Lynch. Lynch stated that the Beaumont has only half of the deck capacity of their regular ferry, and just a third of the commercial traffic. Fogo has been an area of growing interest from tourists all over the world, recognized for not only its natural beauty but also as a mecca for artists and their work. A release issued by the Department of Transportation and Works Friday said, “The MV Sound of Islay is scheduled to join the MV Beaumont Hamel on the Fogo Island – Change Islands run when it is relieved from duty on the south coast of Newfoundland.”

Source: CBC