“It’s the largest budget that’s ever been presented in the town of Grand Falls-Windsor,” said Mayor Allan Hawkins to The Telegram. “It’s significant in the fact that we are looking at, and we include our capital projects for 2012, in addition to our operating budget, we are looking at in excess of $26 million for the Town in 2012.” The budget is nearly $2 million more than last year’s, and was driven up by some major changes for the town. First, last year marked the final year of a provincial subsidy designed to replace the taxation revenues which AbitibiBowater’s operations (which had shut down) provided the town with. Second, the town is beginning its new waste management system which will see waste transferred in bulk to Norris Point, much in the same way the Avalon now sees its waste and recyclables sent to Robin Hood Bay. For more information on the Grand Falls-Windsor budget, visit The Telegram’s article via the link below.

Source: The Telegram