“The award-winning dish featured a spoon of parsnip purée, a cod chicharron, a sautéed chiffonade of Brussels sprouts, a tiny ravioli stuffed with peas pudding, and a fried piece of fresh cod napped with a Pernod and sea urchin beurre blanc. This is what’s coming out of Newfoundland these days?” The Globe and Mail takes a close look into the trendsetters in Newfoundland and Labrador cuisine: apparently Jeremy Charles (chef and co-owner of Raymonds), Roary MacPherson ( executive chef of the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland), and Todd Perrin (owner of the Chef’s Inn) are “at the vanguard of the new culinary movement.” Click the link below to read the interesting article on the accomplishments of some of our own.

Source: The Globe and Mail