Lloyd Robertson will sign off on his four-decade-plus run as a national news anchor tonight, but he says he doesn’t want to steal the spotlight away from the day’s events. “You have to remember that it is still going to be a newscast,” said the 77-year-old in a recent interview. “So we’re going to have news in that broadcast and at the end, I will say goodbye…. It isn’t (about me). It’s about the news. In television, because it’s such a personal medium, you’re the messenger but you’re only a part of the system, and you’re not the most important part of the system. The Stratford, Ont., native has anchored CTV’s nightly national newscast for 35 years and he spent six years prior to that at the helm of CBC’s nightly news broadcast. That run stands as the longest for a national network news anchor in North America — by comparison, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw each spent roughly 22 years as national news anchors (though Jennings had a previous three-year stint on his resume as well), while Dan Rather spent 24 years at the helm of the “CBS Evening News.” Robertson says he studied the final newscasts of those anchors while trying to select the right words for his sign off. “I don’t think I’m going to make it very long, in terms of my closing remarks, but I do want to thank the people who have been so dedicated to this broadcast over the years, and I want to thank my colleagues,” he said.

Source: The Winnipeg Free Press