Not exactly the type of thing school boards in Newfoundland and Labrador wanted to make national headlines for: their new policy for students caught cheating. Under the new policy, students are to be retested if found cheating instead of receiving a mark of zero. The new policy also eliminates grade-related consequences for missed deadlines or missed tests. The reasoning for rule-change? The change to the policy is an attempt to “separate student behaviour from learning to give us a true picture of what the student knows,” according to the Eastern school district. The new policy has caught the attention of a lot of folk, and even the Toronto Star takes a quizzical look at it. Click the link below to read their take. Meanwhile back here in Newfoundland, the public’s outrage has been matched only by that of the teachers themselves who are expected to follow these new rules. This Independent writer wonders what will happen to the teachers if they bend the rules or put off enforcing them for a period of time. Will they be punished, or will the school boards separate teacher behaviour from their responsibilities?

Source: The Toronto Star