“Evaluation from this project in particular will provide insight on how to garner more yield from snow crab. The entire industry can benefit from this research and I am pleased to see companies like Quinlan Brothers taking advantage of our Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Programme in this regard.” Darin King, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, said about the project. Quinlan Brother Limited are going to explore improving crab processing yield on a pilot basis, which could lead to a commercial trial, with the help of just under $10,000 in funding from the provincial government’s program. According to Fish Info & Services, the pilot will see the Quinlan Brothers “work to improve snow crab processing by evaluating a new convection cooking unit. The evaluation of the cooker’s use will compare results from the new forced-convection method with the current boil system in place”. If the trial proves promising, it may be tried on a much larger industry-sized scale.

Source: Fish & Info Services