A Conception Bay South woman who has lost almost half her body weight – who now as a result has an excess of loose skin on her body – is calling for Premier Kathy Dunderdale to voice her opinion on the matter. “I would ask Premier Kathy Dunderdale what her view is, is this surgery the continuation of a process of becoming more healthy? Or does she consider it to be a cosmetic, vanity issue?” Pamela Sheaves said to the CBC. Sheaves, who lost 160 pounds through exercise and dieting, has been unable to have her surgery covered by the province’s medical insurance plan, MCP. “I didn’t use drugs or surgery. I was approximately 330 pounds. Now I’m about 187 but I have about 30 pounds of extra skin.” As a result of her weight loss, Sheaves no longer needs medication to control her diabetes – and she contends that the money the province has saved from not paying for it would have already paid for her surgery at least once. Will the Premier weigh in?

Source: CBC