In an interview with the Telegraph-Journal, former Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams says that he welcomes constructive criticism about the Lower Churchill project, but does not think the intrinsic value of the project can be undermined. “The basic principles are still sound: we’re tied to oil here; we get off oil; we go on hydro; we have a fixed rate over time; we break the gridlock from Quebec; we have another route, we provide power into Atlantic Canada; we have a partnership in Nova Scotia and eventually some of that power will flow through to New Brunswick.”

Williams is preparing to join Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani at a SPARK motivational event in Saint John on Tuesday, but when pressed on the topic he ‘still considers the Lower Churchill hydroelectric project his legacy for the future prosperity of Atlantic Canada’. “There are always a million reasons to say why not,” Williams said recalling his days in the cable business when he was always being told there were too many other options such as satellite and wireless. “But I’d rather say, fine, if this makes sense on its own merit, let’s go ahead and what will be, will be. Entrepreneurship is all about risk.”

Does he miss politics? Williams said he still misses many aspects of public life, especially the campaigning and meeting people. “But I don’t miss the political bullshit.”

Source: Telegraph-Journal