Doctored documents. Our correspondent – Sherrie McCarthy, who is travelling the world on her motorcycle – discovers the perils of traveling with a tattered passport in her latest entry into her Chasing Summer column. Click here.

The Movember Mupdate. Meanwhile, The Independent updates you on the growing moustaches of three men we’re following for Movember. Click here to see their progress.

The Indygestion Contest. This week’s contest – which you as a reader are entered into for free – is for 2 pairs of tickets to November 15’s show at the St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre: Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra is being presented by the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, with Julian Kuerti, conductor and Jan Lisiecki, piano, and featuring the renowned vocalists of Shallaway. But if you don’t want to wait for the draw on Friday, Daily Indygestion subscribers are being offered a discounted ticket price. Scroll to the bottom of this email for further details.