Systemic failure: “There is no worse pain than losing a child. I watched, read, followed the events of January 29th to February 1st with hope, then sad understanding, and a brief period of hope again before the fateful news broke. I was brought back to a similar experience of my youth when Search and Rescue efforts were unable to locate my uncle after his plane crashed. I remember the numbing feeling when a search and recovery operation switches to a recovery operation.” Brandon Pardy explores the tragedy in Labrador here.

Anatomy of a Boom | Part 2: “If the boom has not led to a marked increase in inequality, the same cannot be said for government policies. They markedly increased our levels of inequality.” Robert Sweeny continues his take on Newfoundland and Labrador’s growth here.

Waiting for the flowers to bloom: Erin Sharpe is a Newfoundlander living and working in Japan. In this week’s Stray Puffin, she describes the experience of living through the 2011 earthquake…and the amazing story of what came after. Click here to read.

In case you missed it… in our Just for Fun feature we’ve posted a free online Teenage Ninja Turtles arcade game. Seriously. Check it out. Keep an eye on that section for great ways to waste your Thursday afternoons.