A large iceberg near St. Anthony dwarfs a boat and its crew, which appeared to be collecting ice. - photo by Graham Kennedy.

Our initial headline for this photo read: “Massive iceberg near St. Anthony”. However, some quick research revealed that, if this is the same ‘berg Tweeded to Icebergfinder.com (@IcebergTweets) from @DanceInTheSnow7 on July 1, which was “just off St. Anthony” and estimated at “175 ft high, 600 ft wide (and) grounded in 420 ft of water”—and it appears to be the same one—then it would technically be a “large, wedged” iceberg.

According to icebergfinder.com, a “wedged” ‘berg is “[a] flat surfaced iceberg with steep surfaces on one side and gradually sloping on the other, thus forming a wedge,” which this one appears to be. Click here to learn more facts about ‘bergs on the locally-maintained web site.

The Canadian Ice Service classifies an iceberg as “large” if it is extends “46 to 75 m above sea level and (has) a length of 121 to 200 m.” That would be 151-246 feet high and 397-656 feet wide, above sea level.