(each issue, we challenge our writers to produce a piece of writing based around a specific theme. The theme for this issue was ‘Fog’…)

Cerebral Haze

fog drifts
fog lifts
soft folds of tissue
blurs the edges of my words
sentences unfinished
drifting slow and easy

afraid of fog
of clouded consciousness
thickening like soup

I wake up shrouded in
comic panels sliding together
multiple exposure of dreams
falling falling falling
pillow soft folds
occipital images
temporal sounds

an island found
through fog so thick
trew fog so tick
we could have been
lost forever
a floating atlantis
squeezebox shanties
luring ships
into the rocks
like a mermaid’s song

and you emerge
eyes, lips, hands
I wish for letters
for fog to forever
lift from your lobes
tin cans
woven tight with anchor’s hitches
seams reinforced with stitches
messages ringing clear
from one hemisphere
to another