Vol. 1 Issue 2 Spring 2014

The search has ended,
but we will keep finding you, Loretta.
We will find you because your hopes, fires, and gleaming dreams
will outshine and outlast what a single body ever could.

We found you, Loretta, when your life and disappearance
– like shockwaves- shook our country’s shallow consciousness
in which we relegate Inuit
to the lowest rungs of schooling
to a single hair colour,
to the lowest level of protection.

I found you, Loretta, in a poem by Liz,
a dear friend of yours and a mentor to me,
about just how exhausting, how unfair is the struggle
to prove
how strong,
and brilliant
a Nunatsiavut woman can be.

And Loretta, I hope that I will find you again,
When ignorant views, like exhaust fumes, are uttered
about Labrador life,
I hope that I can speak with some of the truth
that made your voice shake and your people’s stories known.

And I dream that my country will find you, Loretta,
when we declare that each woman’s life is precious,
when we demand that the violence ends.
when justice is not just graffiti in Goose Bay,
not just facebook lamentations,
but when Stolen Sisters’ stories form national inquiries,
and when our colonial cultures are torn down and transformed –
only then we will ever really find you, Loretta.

So the search has ended,
But we will keep finding you, Loretta,
We will find you because your hopes, fires, and gleaming dreams
Will outshine and outlast what a single body ever could

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