Music is Runnin’ Through her Veins: Aubree Lambe releases her first single 

St. John’s-based singer-songwriter Aubree Lambe turns heartbreak into an anthem in her first single, “Runnin’ Out of Love.”

St. John’s-based singer-songwriter, Aubree Lambe.
Photo submitted by: Aubree Lambe.

There is a lot of pressure on a new artist releasing her first single. She has to represent her vision and her brand, make a meaningful connection with her audience, all the while building anticipation for her upcoming album—and she has only one song to do it. But St. John’s-based singer-songwriter Aubree Lambe has managed to do just fine, hitting all the right notes with “Runnin’ Out of Love.” A familiar story of heartbreak, combined with powerful vocals, “Runnin’ Out of Love” shows Lambe’s passion for music, and her capacity to use her personal experience and emotional vulnerability to strike a chord with her listeners. 

While she is a new artist, 21-year old Lambe is no stranger to the music world. You may recognize her name from playing the downtown circuit. She has been featured in the “Women of Rock” show at O’Reilly’s, graced the stage at Bridie Molloy’s, and Oderin Hall at Trinity Pub. Lambe’s enthusiasm for music has been with her since birth. Her late father, Blaine Lambe, was a member of the Kilkenny Krew, and her mother sang in their church, both influences helped her incorporate music into her life from a very young age. When it came time to decide her life’s path, she knew it had to be music.

“I was planning on doing something with social work or psychology after graduating high-school, “ she told The Independent. “But after a year at MUN I realized that those subjects didn’t spark the joy in me that music does, and I wanted to feel that spark everyday—which is what ultimately led me to pursue a career in music.”

Lambe has had a lifelong interest in country music in particular. More recently, she has begun to dip her toes into rock and roll as well. This dual interest is clearly presented in her overall “new country” sound.

“Country music definitely influenced me a lot,” she explained. “Growing up listening to people like The Chicks and Miranda Lambert on road trips with my mom are some of my fondest memories. As I got older I realized my love for artists like Adele and Amy Winehouse, so I think I’ve kind of curated my own style that incorporates a little of all my influences such as country, R&B, soul and rock.” 

Lambe’s impressive  vocals and her soulful delivery demonstrate that she can hold her own in any rock show, but she also gives listeners that sweet country twang. This makes her sound a little rough around the edges but hints at a soft center. Lambe also gives credit to her mentor, local performer Janet Cull for her growth as an artist.

“She took me under her wing and has opened up so many doors for me,” Lambe said. “Just this past April/May I got the opportunity to tour with her as a back-up singer and she is a monster to share the stage with. I’ll forever be grateful for the love and guidance she’s shown me.”

“Runnin’ Out of Love” is a ballad about a break-up, the grief and the heartache of it, and the eventual realization that it is time to let go and leave that person behind. With a runtime of just under 4 minutes, the song takes listeners through the full spectrum of emotions that surround a break-up, from regret, anger, and frustration to acceptance. As the song progresses, we hear Lambe become more confident about the way the relationship played out,finally taking back her power. With lyrics like “but I think I need a break, took all that I could take just for you to say that it was never enough,” Lambe changes the story from one of loss to one of gain. With newfound insight and empowerment she realizes that she is better off now than she ever was in that relationship. 

“Runnin’ Out of Love” is available for streaming on all platforms.
Screencap submitted by: Stef Curran.

“Runnin’ Out of Love,” greets the listener with a lick of classic rock guitar, reminiscent of something heard from the likes of Lucinda Williams or Tom Cochrane. When Lambe begins singing, the vibe changes to allow her country influence to shine through, sounding like a combination of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, but with a touch of rock and roll. The chords have a forceful, yet bright sound, which gives more power to the overall emotion of the song. The guitar and drums in this song support and amplify Lambe’s powerhouse vocals, as her emotions carry through. Lambe’s voice communicates a combination of vulnerability and strength often heard in country-pop crossover artists like Taylor Swift, or Cam. Being able to push raw emotion through with the help of her incredible vocal range is a talent of Lambe’s, much like her mentor Janet Cull. This song has something for everyone, whether you are a fan of gritty classic rock, rousing power ballads, catchy pop refrains, or the slippery twang of new country, “Runnin’ Out of Love” will have you singing around the house, and encouraging you to know your worth!

While “Runnin’ Out of Love” isn’t the first song Lambe has written, she says it’s the one to which she felt many people could relate. The heartbreak that comes with the end of a relationship is universal, but Lambe also brings something deeply personal to the song. At the time of its writing, Lambe disclosed, “I was in a really toxic relationship for five years. I was cheated on and manipulated a lot and felt as though I was stuck in the relationship. Music was my way of expressing those emotions. So I sat down and I wrote this song, and I think that’s ultimately what gave me the confidence to get out.” 

Lambe mentions that she came back to the song when preparing for her upcoming debut album, she  decided not only to include it on  her album but to release it as the first single. The song gives support to the decision to leave a relationship, romantic or platonic, and is a call to trust one’s intuition when it feels like it is time to end things. In this way, it’s an anthem.

“I wrote ‘Runnin’ Out of Love’ to be one of those songs you can scream to in the car,” Lambe confessed. “You know, like how you scream to ‘Before He Cheats’ [by Carrie Underwood]? I wrote a lot of very real feelings in the song, in hopes that people going through similar situations can hear it and know they’re not alone in those feelings.”

For Lambe, music is all about telling a story or creating a feeling, and sharing it with others. “I think music is such an intimate way to tell stories,”she continued.“There is truly no feeling like having an audience in the palm of your hand, hanging on to your every word – and it’s because they’re invested in the story.”

In our lives, we connect with others who have shared experiences, who understand what we might be going through at a particular time. When music facilitates this connection, it can be therapeutic.

“I definitely think music can heal, because it’s healed me in so many ways. After my dad passed away, writing and playing was the only thing that got me through,” she shared. “Same with going through a break-up: it’s music that helped me heal and get through.” 

Lambe is currently working on her first album with producer Robert Kelly at Bond Street Studios, and hopes not only to do some live shows at home, but also to take them on the road.

“I just recently got funding from ArtsNL, which I’m super pumped about!” Lambe exclaimed. “We’re in the tracking phases now so there’s still a nice way to go, but I’m hoping it’ll be ready for release by Fall 2022. I hope to get some showcase opportunities and travel a bit so that I can share my music with a larger audience!” 

Her chances are good. “Runnin’ Out of Love” really does have something for everyone. Whether you connect to the story, the theme of endings as  new beginnings, or just enjoy that sweet pop, rock, and country mix, this first single is a tune you have to check out this summer. Lambe says it best herself: “We all know nothing makes for better music than a heartbreak!”

“Runnin’ Out of Love” was released on June 29th, 2022. Produced and recorded by Robert Kelly at Bond Street Studios, and mixed locally by Justin Merdsoy, as well as Noah Mintz from the Laquer Channel in Toronto. You can find “Runnin’ Out of Love” on all streaming platforms and you can keep up with Aubree Lambe by following her on social media.

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