Be a part of The Indy’s upcoming Housing Podcast

Get involved in our upcoming podcast series on housing in Newfoundland and Labrador, and take part in a free audio workshop.

Call for expressions of interest: The Independent’s Housing Podcast

The Independent invites expressions of interest from reporters and researchers to contribute to a podcast focusing on housing issues in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Independent has secured funding from the Community Housing Transformation Centre to produce a 6-part podcast series that will be released in September of 2023. The production period runs from January – June 2023. We are looking for reporters and researchers to contribute to the series.

The staffing structure is flexible, and compensation will be based on what roles are fulfilled by each applicant (host, reporter, researcher, etc) and how many episodes they work on. Overall personnel budget is roughly $100 per produced minute.

The Independent has an ongoing list of topics to be covered, but pitches are also welcome.

Get involved

Interested candidates should email [email protected] outlining the following:

  • Why you’re interested in getting involved
  • Topics you’d like to cover
  • Any relevant experience in journalism, research, and/or audio production (note: experience is an asset, not necessarily a requirement)

Deadline to contact us is December 20th, 2022. Feel free to send along any questions you may have.

We also welcome topic / story suggestions from the general public at [email protected]

Audio storytelling workshop

The Independent is hosting a free workshop on audio storytelling with Luke Quinton on December 3rd in preparation for this series. Register here.

Equity Statement

(This statement was developed by, and used with permission from, our fine friends at Briarpatch.)

The Independent recognizes that in Canada, legacies of oppression and genocide are perpetuated through, among other things, hiring practices. White people, settlers, cis people, straight people, wealthy people, and men are given access and preferentially hired into permanent, well paying, high-esteemed jobs over Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour, women, trans people, queer people, disabled people, and poor and working-class people.

Within media—an important mechanism of social change—this produces a ripple effect. Stories by and about marginalized groups are often diluted, tokenized, and sidelined—if not ignored completely. This limits people from marginalized groups’ ability to articulate demands and change the conditions of their oppression. One of the ways that The Independent participates in restoring justice is by implementing socially just hiring practices that counter these legacies. Through this practice we strive to ensure that The Independent values and centers the leadership of people from groups that are historically and currently identified as targets of genocide and oppression.

If you are applying for a position and would like consideration as a member of an equity-seeking group, please feel free to indicate this in your application. If you have concerns about a job ad or other hiring issue, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Our goal is to raise $15,000 before the end of the year to solidify our plans for 2023. We need your support to keep producing this progressive, explanatory, and unique local journalism.


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