Our readers have spoken! Here’s what you picked as the best parts of the plague year.

Best Pedestrian Mall Venue

Winner: Cojones

Honourable Mention: “whole damn thing”

Best Restaurant During a Pandemic

Winner: Bernard Stanley’s

Honourable Mention: El Greco’s in Goose Bay

Best Outdoor Place to Visit

Winner: Bannerman Park

Honourable Mention: Any of the abstract vagina statues

Best Transition to Providing Services Remotely

Winner: Piatto

Honourable Mention: My kid’s teacher, bless her heart

Best Employer During a Pandemic

Winner: Verafin

Honourable Mention: CERB

Dishonourable Mention: “Not Dominion”

Outstanding Community Organization

Winner: The Gathering Place

Honourable Mention: SHOP

Best Pandemic Media Coverage (Individual Journalist or Overall Publication)

Winner: Peter Cowan

Honourable Mention: David Maher for updates, Indy for hot takes

Best NL Arts & Entertainment Production During Pandemic

Winner: Shanneyganock Drive-in Concert

Honourable Mention: Stef Curran’s TikTok

Best Pandemic-Themed Song

Winner: The Police – Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Honourable Mention: Fortunate Son – the one about the new premier

Most Binge-able TV Show

Winner: Schitt’s Creek

Honourable Mention: Literal fall of the American empire on cable news

Best Pandemic Hobby Craze

Winner: Baking Bread

Honourable Mention: Ill-advised home renos

Best Haggie-ism

Winner: “Hope is a girl’s name, not a strategy”

Honourable Mention: **TIE** “Please don’t let them lick the handle of the shopping cart” and “If you use Tinder or Grindr, and you swipe right, you might be getting more than you bargained for”

Art by Gord Little.

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