New podcast will be a force for change in NL 

Hosted by journalist Justin Brake, ‘berrygrounds’ will critically examine key issues facing Newfoundland and Labrador.

Hosted by journalist Justin Brake, ‘berrygrounds’ will critically examine key issues facing Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Independent is rejoining the pod. The podcast world, that is.

After a hiatus from producing the Indy Podcast, we are back with a brand new show hosted by award-winning journalist and former Indy editor Justin Brake.

Beginning Feb. 6, The Independent and Harbinger Media are teaming up to bring you ‘berrygrounds’.

“Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing—and most exciting—mediums for news, analysis, and commentary in Canada,” The Independent’s Editor-in-Chief Drew Brown said. “The Indy has been looking to furnish an incisive current affairs podcast for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians for some time, and we’re thrilled to host Justin Brake’s fearless and fiercely independent voice through our platform. This will bring a sorely-needed source of progressive news, analysis, and discussion to the province.”

–Drew Brown, Editor in Chief, The Independent.

With an eye to power, Brake and his guests will take a closer look at issues that matter to Newfoundland and Labrador. Featuring news reporting, one-on-one interviews and investigative journalism, berrygrounds will dig into stories in ways other media don’t.

That means critical examination of our deeply rooted beliefs and assumptions. It means exposing power structures that serve decision-makers, corporate interests, and other people of influence. And it means holding power to account. 

“Berry grounds have long provided communities in Newfoundland and Labrador with bounties of fruit throughout the year,” says Brake. “They were, and still are, communal spaces where people can share news, ideas, and opinions with one another—or just think to themselves. And when people collectively take care of them, berry grounds provide for years to come.

“They’re a metaphor for what our province could be: a safe place to be who we are—whether we forage for food, or for cultural or spiritual reasons. These lands are full of renewable resources that will only remain renewable if we steward them properly—and that includes people.”

berrygrounds will begin as a bi-weekly limited run series that will continue based on demand and listener support. In February The Independent will launch a crowdfunding campaign that will invite listeners to have a hand in creating something that we believe will have a powerful and lasting impact on our beloved province.

 “Canada’s favourite progressive media network is excited to welcome ‘berrygrounds’ and The Independent to our community of listener-supported videos and podcasts including Press Progress Sources, Alberta Advantage, The Breach Show, Tech Won’t Save Us, The Maple’s North Untapped, Darts & Letters and 47 more!  Find new episodes of ‘berrygrounds’ by following the network on Twitter @Harbingertweets, on Instagram @mediaharbinger and at” 

–Andre Goulet, Harbinger Media Network

Justin Brake announced berrygrounds via a livestream from The Independent’s Facebook page on Monday, Jan. 30.

berrygrounds will be available to stream here at,, and wherever you get your podcasts. 

Update February 3rd:

Justin appeared on CBC Newfoundland Morning to chat about the podcast. Listen here.

And check out the preview for Episode One!

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