The Newfoundland and Labrador Independent is the cutting edge of thoughtful commentary, critical perspective, and unflinching reporting in our province. We’re small, but we punch well above our weight. As legacy media outlets in this province starve, shrink, and get gobbled up by mainland media barons, our job—producing meaningful and accessible local content—becomes more important than ever.

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The Independent’s days of relying on advertising revenue ended seven years ago. Now, as a non-profit media organization we rely completely on donations from our readers to fund operations.

The Independent is 100% funded by its readers. Your support makes local, independent media sustainable. It keeps our staff and freelancers paid fairly, our website up, our investigations deeper, and our reach broader. It means more focus on the issues that matter to everyone in this province.

Small budgets, big results, no paywall

Over the past seven years The Independent has produced nationally acclaimed, award-winning journalism. In covering issues that matter to our varied communities, The Independent has gone where no other provincial media outlet has gone.

Over the years, The Independent has been awarded a citation of merit from the prestigious Michener Awards Foundation (an organization established to recognize excellence in public service journalism), multiple Atlantic Journalism Awards, and a Press Freedom Award from the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom.

A diversity of strong voices

The Independent has brought a host of strong voices, journalists and writers to the table to cast their critical insights on our province’s past, present and future. Indy contributors and writers have included the likes of Justin Brake, Amelia Reimer, Stephanie Porter, Hans Rollmann, Robin Whitaker, Megan Gail Coles, Terry Doyle, Marilyn Porter, Mary Shortall, Amanda Bittner, Robin Durnford, Robert Sweeny, Graham Kennedy, Brandon Pardy, Jon Parsons, Michelle Porter, Hope Jamieson, Gavin Simms, Wallace Ryan, and many more.

Drew Brown

The new editor at the helm of The Indy is Drew Brown. A longtime VICE Canada columnist, Drew is known across Canada for his cutting wit and crisp writing about politics and culture. With his focus fully trained on Newfoundland and Labrador, The Indy will become a platform for sharp, funny, and forward-thinking work from the best writers, journalists, researchers, and activists the country has to offer. It will be local media that respects the power of the craft: we know it was Ray Guy—not the Opposition—who put Smallwood in his place.

It’s time to #UpTheIndy

Along with Drew taking on the editorial lead, The Indy’s volunteer Board of Directors has expanded as well — doubling in size from four to eight. The board’s combined experience brings a range of media, journalistic and academic insight to support the Indy’s work.

The new Board, with Drew Brown at the editorial helm, wants to #UpTheIndy!

For the month of May we’re inviting readers to become subscribers and directly invest in taking The Independent to the next level.


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