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Rocket January 2017

Most Recent Letters

Independent Letters

Winning Moves

By: Laura Kennedy | January 14, 2017

“Has regionalization been given a real chance?”

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Independent Letters

Access to education and employment key to poverty reduction

By: John Conway | January 10, 2017

“Policies aimed at improving access to education and the ability to obtain employment complement each other in breaking the cyclical nature of poverty.”

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Independent Letters

Liberal backbenchers hold the power

By: Paul Lane | July 11, 2016

“If 10 or more of you get together as a united group you have the power to demand change to this horrible budget. If cabinet is unwilling to act, cross the floor and form the Official Opposition.”

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Independent Letters

“How much do we have to give up before we say that’s enough?”

By: Shirley Flowers | June 15, 2016

“We can take a stand — in our presence, in our words, in our willingness to unite, in our willingness to understand why we are like we are and in the effort to decolonize and take our rightful place on and for our land.”

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Independent Letters

The merchant days are over

By: Jackie Hamilton | June 14, 2016

“We need to stand together and show that we are more than the quaint people hanging clothes in tourist commercials.”

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