New Democrat MP Ryan Cleary has continued his call for an inquiry into the province’s fishery, and has committed to using his available private member’s bill this Fall to ask the House of Commons to grant him one. “Our future is threatened,” Cleary told reporters. “It is threatened by a lack of vision. It is threatened by the absence of a rebuilding plan. It is threatened by apathy in all quarters.” Cleary says that the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ past mismanagement of the fishery leads him to believe that it cannot be trusted to properly manage it in the future under the status quo. He says the commission would investigate the effectiveness of the current management system and the state of fisheries science. It would also investigate fisheries enforcement and quotas. Meanwhile, Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield said in a statement Monday there will be no inquiry into the fishery. As the Conservative government holds a majority in the House of Commons, no bill will pass without their support.

Source: CBC