Newfoundland and Labrador goes to the polls on October 11, but as we look to that day, across Canada other provinces and territories are electing new governments as well. Polls closed in Prince Edward Island on Monday, seeing the Liberals under incumbent Premier Robert Ghiz being elected to a strong majority. The people in the Northwest Territories also made their choices on Monday; the legislative assembly in Yellowknife is nonpartisan. Manitoba held its election yesterday, where despite the NDP and Tories almost splitting the popular vote, the NDP pulled through for its fourth straight majority government. Canada’s eyes now turn to Ontario where the embattled province is set to vote tomorrow. A sure win for Conservative leader Tim Hudak has turned around, where the question now seems to be whether Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals will achieve a minority or majority government. This would be McGuinty’s third government. Elections still to come? Newfoundland of course on the 11th, but also the Yukon on October 11,and Saskatchewan on November 7.