The CBC is reporting that Michael Mouyal, a telemarketer formerly operating out of St. John’s and convicted of defrauding customers in excess of 130 million dollars, is now back in business – in Miramar, Florida.

Mouyal ran several operations in Canada between 1994-2001, receiving a $287,000 federal grant and provincial tax breaks to open his call centre in the capital city. In the midst of critical media fire, police raided his centres in Toronto, Montreal, and St. John’s, shutting down this centre in the early part of the last decade. By that point, Mouyal himself had accumulated more than $2.8 million dollars, in part because his employees pretended to represent other companies when speaking to clients, and were able to charge staggering mark-ups on products – as high as 700%.

In 2007, Mouyal was fined $1 million dollars and forbidden from selling business directories or commercial supplies for 10 years. However, NBC Miami has been following the story in conjunction with the CBC, and has alleged that Mouyal, along with his wife, are already up to the same tricks, and are still operating in the black. What do you think about that?

Source: CBC